“And the Heavens Shall Tremble”… Small Diablo Rant

20130303-100115.jpgSo after many debates and conversations with people I have decided to re-visit Diablo 3. I am one of the few people that really didn’t enjoy this game. I know I am not alone when I say Diablo 2 was probably the best pc game ever…so when I heard about Diablo 3 I was really excited. This excitement quickly disappeared once I actually started playing the game. The only thing that was trembling was me…and this was not do to fear but to anger! I get that most of my arguments are all biased off of a personal opinion….but that still does not diminish the fact that I was unimpressed by D3. So for the sake of an argument I will leave those out, the number one issues that destroyed the game for me was the DRM. The fact that I ALWAYS have to be online has destroyed any chance of this game being enjoyable, and here is why.

1). The DRM was put In play to keep players legit, I completely understand this…however they did a terrible job and there are still many glitches and exploits that people are using. This means the DRM is doing nothing more than inconvenience the people that are willing to play the game legitimately. Why should I have to suffer when I have no interest in exploiting the game?

2) I have ranted and raved about this before. Not every country, or even every location, in this world has access to high speed Internet. When I first started D3 I had access to about 1-2 mbs…if I was lucky. This would cause unbelievable lag on busy nights, making the game almost unplayable. Any major boss fight or elite group would be the death of me, and I would have to ask a friend d to join me to finish the fight for me as I could not even see what was happening….honestly most of the time Jon would join my game and we would enter the arena, this would cause a huge lag spike for about 2 minuets. During this time I would get flashes of the fight, a few spells off and then it would be over. This is absolutely pathetic for a game I had full intentions of playing through solo.

3) So I am finally back in the great white north where I have 50 mps Internet….I figure “with this speed lets revisit D3 and actually play with out the debilitating lag spikes!”. Even with my Internet speeds the game still lags quite a bit. Now it is not near as bad it was, but it is still just as annoying! If I load up skyrim, a game that by all accounts needs more computer resources than D3′ I will not experience ANY lag…I should not be suffering from lag in a single player game!

In my opinion this is just unacceptable! Blizzard was lazy with the development of this game, and banked on the success of D2, as well as their brand name from WoW, to sell this title. I hope there is a fix for this, but I doubt there will be. D3 is not the cash cow that WoW is so why would they spend the money on it? I want to like D3, I really do. Unfortunately this is impossible because of the DRM. Maybe if they ever decided to get rid of the DRM for a single player experience, I will revisit the game, but until then I bit D3 farewell!

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  • I’m sorry you had a bad experience Mark. You want to get some ice cream? You want some McDonalds? Do you want to take a dump in Blizzard Entertainments shoes? Ok let’s go take a dump in Blizzard Entertainments shoes. DRM sucks but honestly I didn’t find it really affect my experience at all. Other than when I bought the game at midnight and was unable to play it until the servers launched at like 4am… yeah still a bit bitter about that.

    • Mark March 3, 2013

      Oh I get that I sound like a 12 year old who just drop his ice cream on the ground…and yes taking a huge dump in Blizzards shoes would feel great! But that doesn’t change the fact that DRM should not effect a single player game so badly! Hell do what they did in D2 and make an offline character, not the best solution but it would solve the issue of having to have a Internet connection! Why try to play a game that I can’t enjoy unless I’m sitting at my own place, playing during down times….

  • Joey Sisco March 5, 2013

    I didn’t feel the same way about D3, but there are several reasons for that.

    1) I was never a Diablo kid. All my friends were playing it, but I was too busy with StarCraft at the time. Blizzard still got my money, but D3 was the first Diablo title I played from start to finish. As a result, it didn’t have any ridiculous bar set from D2 for me.

    2) I’m rarely not at home or at Staples. I can’t play at Staples. But I can at home, on a decent desktop, with a solid hard wired internet connection. I agree the DRM is pretty lame, but for all I dabble into D3, it didn’t really effect me.

    I however, totally understand where your coming from Mark.

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