Daily HA HA April Fools Day

Hey all RP here!

So it’s that time of year again! As always, game companies are having a blast with their April fools jokes! Lets take a look at some of them for 2014! Which do you think are real, and which are here to fool you?!



For all those Outcasts in the Blizzard games, comes the idea of a game just for them! What do you think? Here is the “official” site.

Oh and of course a teaser!


If that is not enough Blizzard fools for you…. Hows about the proposed new female Draenei.


See the official post HERE.



April Fools1

That’s right! Razor is announcing that they will be developing a 3rd person view on life with drone technology. Think it is real? Check out the link HERE

and here is the so-called trailer!



Although Google themselves are not a gaming company, there April fools joke does involve a game we all know and love… Pokemon!

April Fools4

This one actually DOES have some truth to it. You can actually use Google maps to catch Pokemon! However the comment on becoming an employee for Google after catching them all is 100% false… or is it! You decide and check out the video here!



Although some are saying this is a real game. Some are still 100% convinced it is a joke. What to you think about Steams new release “Goat Simulator”, real or joke?


There are many more April fools jokes out there, but these are just a few that we decided to use for today’s laugh for everyone.

Have a great April fools day!

Happy Gaming.


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