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Second Chance Gaming: EverQuest 2

Hey gamers! JSask here to bring you a segment of Second Chance Gaming, for SOE’s 2004 MMO, EverQuest II. EQ2 is a sequel to the massivly popular MMO, 1999′s EverQuest. It recently went Free-To-Play, and even more recently, removed a lot of the race/class resrictions on the F2P model. Since I’m itching for some EverQuest […]

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The “Next-Gen MMO”: EverQuest Next

Greetings, fellow gamers! My name is Joey Sisco, also known as JSask on the internet, and SuperbeastV on Xbox Live. I’m here today to tell you about Sony Online Entertainment’s new upcoming installments of the EverQuest franchise, EverQuest Next, and EverQuest Next Landmark. However, before we dive into EQ Next, I’ll tell you what I’m […]

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