Bethesda’s Next Project Creeping out Later Today

The final video of the 3 teaser videos for Bethesda was released last night with a note saying the reveal is coming tomorrow (so it will be out today). Not going to lie this video did sent chills down my spin when I first saw it. It also confirms my suspicion that this next project is going to be the Survival Horror Project Zewi, which will be developed by none other than Shinji Mikami, the same developer as Resident Evil. The video shows a shot of a prison wall with blurry hairy thing peering over the camera then quickly pulling away. In fact if you check out the official website for Zewi it states that the official reveal is hours away! I could still be wrong on this one so don’t take my word until the release is official, but I’m pretty certain that this is the next major project Bethesda is working on. Just to recap I posted all 3 videos below with the most recent on top.

I’ve found my focus and once again I’m striving for pure survivial horror. I am being very hands-on to see that the quality is there. Rest assured.”

- Shinji Mikami

So who is ready to get the crap scared out of them again? I’m seriously still scared from the RE1 remake when the dogs jump through the windows in the hall on the first floor….

I’ll stay on this story all day today to get out as much information as possible as it become available.

Teaser #3

Teaser #2

Teaser #1

~Mark Out!

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