Bethesda’s Next Project is Not Fallout

A strange video has surfaced on social media service vine. The Video doesn’t give very much away…in fact it gives absolutely nothing at all, But that is why it is a teaser. The video shows images of spinning barbed wire followed by a spinning Lp. At first this was rumored to be a tease for Fallout 4. This was quickly stopped by Pete Hines, the VP of Marketing for Bethesda. Bethesda has promised to start making more noise this year and this is a great start. Bethesda has two projects under development; Project Tungsten, and Project Zwei which is a new Horror survival game by the creators of Resident Evil. I love the games Bethesda creates and the worlds they develop, so I am very excited for this regardless of what it is for!

You can check out the Flash video here!

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