Blizzard Was Hacked

Blizzard Was Hacked

Everyone check your accounts cause Blizzard was hacked a few days back.

Blizzard President Mike Morhaime confirmed today that accounts had been illegally accessed earlier in the week. Blizzard has sense addressed the security issue and is working with law enforcement to track those responsible.

In his statement on Blizzards website, Morhaine said this, “At this time, we’ve found no evidence that financial information such as credit cards, billing addresses, or real names were compromised. Our investigation is ongoing, but so far nothing suggests that these pieces of information have been accessed.”

“Some data was illegally accessed, including a list of email addresses for global users, outside of China. For players on North American servers (which generally includes players from North America, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia) the answer to the personal security question, and information relating to Mobile and Dial-In Authenticators were also accessed. Based on what we currently know, this information alone is NOT enough for anyone to gain access to accounts.”

In short, now would be a good time to reset your passwords and security questions. You can check out the full statement from Blizzard here.

Source: Blizzard

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