Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review


The nuclear Apocalypse has had an apocalypse.  Australia has been invaded, Canada is no more, and the world is on the verge of being dominated by a supper villain and his Cyborg army.  Only one man can stop 2007 from being the year the world is destroyed…hold up a minute, cyborg armies in 2007?  Welcome to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, an 80′s VHS version of the Future!

Far Cry 3:Blood Drag (Blood Dragon) is a stand alone DLC (More of an expansion) form  Ubisoft, the creators of Far Cry 3.  You play as Sargent Rex Power Colt, a Mark IV Cyber soldier.   You are tasked with:  Getting the girl, beating the bad guy, and saving the world.  Everything about Blood Dragon  screams the 80′s…Ubisoft wanted to make a title to reflect the awesomeness that is the 80′s and I feel they pulled it off.  Blood Dragon was full of cheesy one liners, action packed scenes, Techno music, and over the top Sci-fi weapons and gear!  The music was a nice touch, Blood Dragon features a full original sound track by Power Glove (I posted a link above to sample the music)  Everything about it was right out of the 80′s actions movies that I grew up with.  In fact Rex power Colt was voiced by Michael Biehn, you may remember him form 80/90′s action movies such as:  Alien, Terminator, Tombstone, the Abyss…The list goes on!  As an added bonus the story was explained using 16-bit cut scenes that were so horribly done (on purpose) they actually looked as if they were done for a SNES!

The Gameplay for Blood Dragon was actually quite difficult to get used to.  The controls and physics were identical to Far Cry 3, however, being a Mark IV cyber soldier added a whole new element.  Rex Power Colt could run faster, Jump higher, and fall further than a normal human.  This sounds cool, but I found my self running into walls, cover, barriers, and anything else that may have been in my way as I tired to dodge, dive, duck, dip, and dodge my way out of a fire fight.  I played Far Cry 3 start to finish and did everything I could do, in doing so I got so familiar with the fluid controls that I found this added speed almost debilitating.   Luckily the Bow was back in full force so I was able to play a more stealthy role and slow my pace down so I wasn’t running around like Robo Cop with a new pair of legs.  The combat on the other hand was just what I expected from an 80′s Apocalypse for one reason… EXPLOSIONS!  Everything exploded!  there were “red” barrels every where, gas tanks, cars, trucks, fuel storage….in fact even some enemies would blow up!  There was even a scene where a delivery of exploding red barrels was delivered early…Who orders exploding barrels!  Mt. Torgue would have been proud.

All in all I was quite satisfied with Far Cry 3: Blood dragon.  Once I got used to the over powered cyber solider I was able to actually play the game properly,  the story was a riot, and the use of 16-bit cut scenes was genius!  My only comment about the story was it was a tad on the short side.  Blood Dragon itself offers a lot of bang for your buck with lots to see, explore and do, I mean the map itself is about the same size of the second island in the original Far cry.  I just felt that the story only took you to a few areas of the island, and the rest of it is left for you to explore at your own pace/risk.  That in mind I still thoroughly enjoyed blood Dragon, now that I have finished it I really  want to re-play far Cry 3 because I forgot how much I enjoyed Ubisoft’s world, story, and game play!  If you were born in the 80′s, lived in the 80′s….or even were told about the 80′s you should do your self the favor and play thorough Blood Dragon!


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