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Category Archives: A Blast from the Past

A Blast from the Past – Ultima Online

Hey all RP here! So I thought with “Ultima Shroud of the Avatar” Beta coming out in October, doing a review of the first MMORPG would be appropriate. Ultima Online was a ground breaking game for its time, and many who played it then have still never found a game they enjoyed more. Sure some […]

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A Blast from the Past:  Life of a Game Trader

Hey Gamers, I’m going to take a different approach this time and introduce everyone to a game trader I met the other day…Sadly I was so excited about his collection and what he had for sale I never even got his name! For the sake of this post I will call him “the trader”. Not […]

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A Blast from the Past: Game Gear

Hey Gamers! After recording the forth episode of SuperNova cast I started thinking about my Game Gear…The good times, the bad times, the carpal tunnel, and the 10,000,000$ worth of allowances in batteries… So in this a blast from the past I am going to walk you through the tires and trials of the Game […]

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A Blast from the Past

Hey Gamers, Mark again with an update on how my challenge is going.  For those that are unaware I am trying to finish the games I would blow through as a kid.   So far so good in my books, I still can’t beat Star fox on the 3DS, so I have hooked up my […]

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Hey gamers, After an amazing random night with Ben and his cousin Gabe I thought I would take a stab at rewind. The night started off like any other, a few beers, some gaming, and pub food. However this quickly changed when the 3 of us wanted to take a trip down memory lane to […]

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