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What We’re Playing! August 16-18 Edition

Finally the weekend has come, and hopefully for most that will mean one thing: Video Games! Here is What We’re Playing this weekend! Dave O’Laughlin (@djskizim) – I’ll still be working on that PS3 stack as well as some more Hot Shots Tennis. I can’t get enough of that game! I also gained access to […]

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What We’re Playing – August 9-11 Edition

With the launch of the new site up and running we here at NovaGamer have a little bit more free time on our hands. What better way to celebrate the launch with playing video games all week! Here is “What We’re Playing” this weekend! David (@djskizim) – I’ve made a decision to myself. With the […]

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What We’re Playing – September 21-23 2012

    Well, better late than never, right? Here is what we’re playing! Us here at NovaGamer have been a little sidetracked lately due to one game. I’m sure you all know what that is! Mark Devitt (@cybellin) – Borderlands 2…. Oh! I finished up Mass Effect 3 earlier this week, and plan to check […]

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What We’re Playing! August 31-September 3 2012

Here’s what we’re playing this weekend! (Sorry it’s late, lots going on this weekend!) Dan Mason -¬†This weekend I’m hopefully finish up Rage and try out the NHL 13 demo. I’ll also be on Tribes: Ascend a little too. If there are any Tribes players out there feel free to add me Joker27th. Mark Devitt […]

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What We’re Playing! August 17-19

Just thought we would keep everyone in the loop about what we’re playing during our downtime! Here’s the hits! Dan (Joker27th) – I work this weekend and I’m going out to my parents tomorrow because its my birthday. So I’ll most likely play some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta, Tribes: Ascend, Ghost Recon Online, and maybe […]

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