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Path of Exile Gameplay Video

Rightplan gives you a good look at the game-play for “Path of Exile”, and a break down of his AOE/Minion heavy Witch spec. Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos from Novagamer at the “NovaGamerCrew” YouTube channel. Happy Gaming! -Jon

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Path of Exile first 15 minutes

Hey all RP here! So you like Diablo but not the cost to play/buy it.. Well your in luck! Path of Exile is a free to play game that is designed with the hack and slash fun of Diablo. There are some differences, but most of them are some good ideas to make the game […]

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Hearthstone Arenas #2

Hey all RP Here! Ask and you shall receive!  Some more Blizzard’s Hearthstone Arenas for your viewing pleasure. In this video we cover some of the changes to the game while giving you 2 arena battles. Priest – Hunter and Priest – Warrior. Happy Gaming! -Jon

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