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Challenge Dan to a Game of NHL 13 During Extra-Life

Challenge Dan to a Game of NHL 13 During Extra-Life

nhl_13As you know NovaGamer is taking part in the annual 25 hour gaming marathon Extra-Life tomorrow November 2nd. All donations go directly to the IWK Children’s Hospital to help sick kids. However, what you didn’t know is that I will be taking challenges all day for people who wish to play me in a game of NHL 13 on Xbox 360. (Sorry NHL 14 owners, I’m not quite there yet.)

So from 8:00am Nov 2nd to 8:00am challenge Dan to a game of NHL 13!
If you win our game then I will donate $5 in your name.
If I win our game then you will donate a minimum $5.

Either way a donation is made in your name to the IWK!

To request a challenge please email me at


If you have no interest in playing NHL 13 but would still like to make a donation and help support me in my efforts, please copy and paste this link into your address bar and click the “support me” button.

I will also be live streaming this 25 hour gaming onslaught. I will be playing a lot of different games during the 25 hours. You can see proof of my efforts here -> and we will also have the NovaGamer channel up as well ->

If you challenged me to a game, thank you for getting involved with us during this amazing event.If you decided to make a donation to support me or anyone on the NovaGamer team thank you also, this is the whole reason we choose to do this each year.And finally, thank you. Even though you may have decided not to support us, you took the time to read this entire article and are now aware of this fantastic annual fundraising event that is extra-life.

Gamers care, and on November 2nd we show it.

Thank You!

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