Why I Extra Life – Mark

Why I Extra Life – Mark


Hey Gamers,


As I sit here in the birthing unit of the IWK, I am thinking about Extra Life and why it is so important to our local community.  The training, staff, and technology available for us during this time is absolutely amazing.  There are a few reasons why I Extra Life,  so why do you Extra Life?


First of all he nurse that was responsible for our care, I will leave her name out for identity/security reasons, was absolutely amazing!  She explained everything that we needed to know, she was very friendly and kind, and most importantly she was able to read exactly what we needed when we needed it.  She made the start of this experience a very comfortable and relaxed environment.  She was able to answer all of our questions without overwhelming us.  We were absolutely blown away by the level of care we were given!  This feeling quickly turned to fear when the heart rate dropped and did not return.  Luckily we had the team we did and we were rushed right in to the O.R where they quickly delivered the baby.  We are now the proud parents of a 6lb 12 oz baby boy!  The newest member of the NG crew.  If the nurses working with us end up reading this I have to say Thank you! Thank you so much!


The other reason I extra life is because the IWK is the reason my wife is here today.  Chantel was born two and a half months early, and by all accounts should not have survived.  It is thanks to the same level of care training that we received today that saved her life!  She is the love of my life, and now we are sitting here again at the IWK waiting for our first child.


So why do I ExtraLlife?  The answer is simply because the IWK has done more for me than I can ever do for them!  So I will gladly do anything I can to raise money for our local community hospital!

Want to help out?  it is easy!


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