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User created content has been around for ages.  Players are able to make mods for their favorite PC games to add items, textures, character, and/or levels that they would have liked to see in the original game.; and like most user generated content there is a lot of questionable content.  However every now and there come along an amazing add-on to the games that we love to play.  One of these add-ons is Falskaar for Skyrim.

Falskaar is a user made mod for skyrim that adds over 25 hours of game play including: 26 new quests ( 9 story driven quests, and 17 side quests),  new items, 2 new spells, a new shout, an original sound track, full voice cast, and a world that is one third the size of the original game… The kicker is that all of this was done by Alexander J. Velicky, a 19 year old out of high school, applying to Bethesda…Who here can say they have ever done anything this in depth for a job application!

Velicky says that this add-on took him over a year to complete using the Bethesda’s creation kit.  Vekicky explains that his dad was a huge help in the project by allowing him to stay at home rent free as he works on creating his master piece.  His father knew that Falskaar was his job and possibly his ticket to his dream job.

Part of the 2,000+ hours it took Vekicky to create Falskaar was dealing with over 100 people to help him create the full voice cast…that’s right a full story driven by a full voice cast!  So many games do not even have a voice cast and Vekicky managed to get one in to Falskaar.  All the voice actors submitted their recordings to Vekicy himself so he could implement them into Falskaar as he wanted.  The voice actors consisted 26 people playing over 54 unique characters.


If this is what user generated content is coming to than sign me up!  I think this is a great step forward and would personally love to see more of it.  I know that we will not get products of this quality because not everyone will feel the need to spend 200 hours and potentially get nothing out of it.  But it is defiantly a step in the right direction!


With out further ado check out the gameplay trailer

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