Far Cry 3 DLC announced!!


News of the first Far Cry 3 DLC was leaked on April first…Which when I first read I took it as being an April fools joke. I mean come on, Look at the title screen! How is anyone supposed to take that seriously? Well apparently the Australian ratings board took it seriously and gave it a rating of 18+ (the sames as our M) for a graphic Sex scene (Those of you who have finished FC3 will be used to them by now). Furthermore the achievements have also been leaked to back up the existence of this DLC. So to confirm this Blood Dragon expansion pack Ubisoft has released a teaser.

As you can see the trailer gives absolutely nothing away…except for the fact that it will be an 80′s themed pack, which I think will be absolutely amazing! Lets see what they come up with!

Mark out!


Thanks to Dave for pointing this out! There is not much to see, but the very last frame shows this screen. (Which was taken from my ipad so I apologize for the quality)

Now my interest has defiantly peaked! It looks to be a full spin off of 1980s sci-fi movies….can this come any sooner?

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  • Joey Sisco April 5, 2013

    I REALLY need to pick this up. My problem is (and I’ve done this to myself) is that I’ve seen it on an Ultra Settings PC, and I feel somewhat cheated on an Xbox. I need to get over this, because I know graphics aren’t everything, I’m the poster kid for that mentality… but still. I love me my shinies.

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