Far Cry 3 Review: Did I Ever Tell You The Definition Of Insanity?

Far_Cry_3_box_artFar Cry 3
Ubisoft Montreal

X360, PS3, PC – December 4, 2012



Welcome to paradise! You and your friends are off on a tropical vacation where the sky is the limit, parties, women, and extreme sports are on your agenda… Until something goes horribly wrong and you wake up in a cell at a slavers camp. With no training, weapons, or idea of where you are, you are left to survive. What do you do? How far will you go to get to safety? You follow Jason Brody through the Far Cry 3 story as you slowly slip into insanity.

Far Cry 3 is a separate story from Far Cry and Far Cry 2. The story is told 100 % in the first person view which really adds to the feeling of the game. Far Cry 3 was quite easily one of the best single player campaigns I have ever played. From start to finish I was not able to put the game down. The story was very interesting keeping you hooked with plot twist, betrayals, and damn amazing scenes (some may have included intense dubstep in the background and burning weed fields). Far Cry 3 also offers a plethora of extra activities to complete to keep you buys when you do not feel like finishing the story. These side missions range from liberating camps, to races, to hunting different creatures with specific weapons (dogs with RPGs…Why not?). The hunting quests would also reward you with skins to allow you to craft bigger bags for loot, weapons, and healing materials. There were a few moments where you had to stop and say “really!?” But they were few and far between.

This time around Far Cry 3 offers a RPG element to the mix. A skill tree and level system was added to the game. The 3 trees focus on, stealth, healing, and combat. At first I thought this was a very amazing idea, allowing the player to customize their character to how they want to play. It was very quickly realized that you had very little choice in character class. Half the skills are locked at the start and slowly unlock as you finish key story points, which forces you to spend points in trees you were not interested in. Furthermore by the time you add up all the levels and the amount of skill, you notice that you will get enough points for every skill…or you can check the achievement list… There was a small amount of strategy that went to skill selection, but some of the knife combat skills are just devastating to watch which makes it well worth it! The skills are then represented by a tattoo on your arm that grows as your character learns new skills, it was a nice touch.


Speaking of knife combat, Far Cry 3 had one of the coolest melee mechanics I have seen in a while. Mixed with a number of skills from the different trees you could initiate some amazingly powerful attacks. I personally did most of my attacks with the takedown attacks because they were very stealthy and looked bad ass! My personal favorite included stabbing an enemy from behind the pulling out his knife and throwing it at another enemy…pure enjoyment!

FC3 Knife

The graphics in Far Cry 3 were quite spectacular! The open world tropical island was very realistic looking. The draw distance was very impressive considering the amount of details included on the island. The island even felt alive at points! The inclusion of small bright coloured birds that would flee when you got close to them really just helped draw you further into the game. The coolest graphical feature was the spreading of fire. This was first done in Far Cry 2, however it felt more natural in Far Cry 3; and by natural I mean completely wild and unpredictable. I learned very quickly not to go wild with fire base weapons, or not to blow up vehicles in areas with lots of foliage. The fire would spread and burn everything in its wake rather quickly, grass, tress, cars, buildings, scaffolding, you name it!

FC3 SkyGliding

One thing that seriously lacked in FC3 was multiplayer. It had a online multiplayer and coop section, but they just didn’t feel up to par. The multiplayer felt very rushed and the execution of it just did not feel right. FC3 included a taunting feature at the end of each match, showed the top 3 players of the winning team surrounding the top player of the losing team. The MVP of the wining team the proceeds to beat the crap out of the losing MVP, while he is tied and has a bag over his head, with a number of moves you can pick in your player customization. This may have struck me the wrong way because it hit a bit close to home because of the areas I work in. One way or another it just seems a bit out of place.

The coop on the other hand was just boring. The missions were very linear and offered no options to clear the areas other than the single path In front of you. It is very much like putting 100s of enemies in an ally way with no were to run, then attacking them…I Personally did not finish the coop so maybe it got better, but from what I played I was very unimpressed!

All in all I think Far Cry 3 is an amazing single player game and is well worth picking up. You will not be disappointed!


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  • Joey Sisco January 27, 2013

    This was a really well written review, and I’m glad to see the game is doing well. I loved the original Far Cry, never got a chance to play Far Cry 2, but I’ll absolutely pick up Far Cry 3.

    Out of curiosity Mark (my apologies if you stated, I didn’t see it) what system did you play it on? 360, PC or PS3? It’s unfortunate that the consoles are starting to show their age compared to high end PCs. I’ve always shown the love across all platforms, I’m not one of those Pro-PC or Pro-Console guys. PC, 360, Wii, SNES, I could care less, I just <3 games. That being said, the PC version could probably show off the visuals better I'm assuming.

    I want to pick this up, and if the console version looks great I'll buy it for that since my PC would go into cardiac arrest if I put FC3 on it. :P

    • Mark January 28, 2013

      Hey Joe!

      I played through it on the 360 as my pc would also die of a heart attack if it tried to run fc3 at its full potential! I do agree that the consoles are starting to show there age, but fc3 has done the best it could with the resources it has on the consoles and looks absolutely stunning! I played both farcrys and enjoyed them, but this was easily my favourite!

      Let us know what you think when you play it!


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