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Review: Flashback (XBLA)

Review: Flashback (XBLA)


Let me just start off by saying that I was very excited for this title. I was not expecting game of the year or anything, but I was expecting a great remake of a childhood favorite… I could not have been more disappointed. The game play was clunky, the controls were broken and the voice acting was just terrible! They did manage to modernize the look of the game, but this was not enough to save it.

Game play in Flashback was just wrong! The developers tried to keep as much of the old game as possible while introducing some modern mechanics. This was a great idea in theory but left us with a game that felt 15 years old apposed to 20. The original Flashback was hard…plain and simple! In order to make the remake a bit more forgiving, it feels as if they increased the range of collision detection that involved that player and ledges. This aloud fro some hilarious jumps and leaps causing the character to climb and land on thin air. I can only assume that to compensation for this over exaggeration in jumping, they reduced the collision detection that involved the player and other enemies. You can literally swing away at enemies trying to melee them and have no luck unless they are right on top of me…

To go hand in hand with the terrible mechanics are even worse controls. I am not new to the side scrolling platform general, but after playing Flashback I came away feeling like I had never hopped a gap or ran from left to right – these concepts are not new to the genre. Like most you run with the left stick and aim with the right. This feels like it pulls from other games as reference, but it just did not work in practice. I found my character firing randomly around enemies only to hit nothing. Furthermore, to jump you has to push up on the left stick, this was so oversensitive that the slightest movement in the up direction would cause you to jump.

Finally on to the voice acting, where do I even begin? The developers were trying to get an 80′s feel to Flashback, and sadly it turned out terribly!  There were great like:

“Hey are you him then?”

“ummm maybe, I certainly could be”


“Awesome Sauce”

It was just painful to listen to…I mean, it would have been better if it was a silent game with subtitles!!!!

Sadly Flashback should have stayed as a distant memory rather than be remade.  The controls were broken, the game mechanics were old and out dated, and the sound/voice was just awful!  Flashback’s only saving grace was the updated visual design which is why I give it a….


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