Gamin on the Go: Line up Adventurs

Gamin on the Go: Line up Adventurs

Hey Gamers,

After spending 9 hours in a line up yesterday I had some serious mobile gaming time. I think you will like the finds I have for you this week! I have 3 titles that are all very unique and entertaining, they can keep you occupied for a matter of minutes or hours at a time!

Tiny Death Star


Do you remember Tiny Tower?  Well this exactly the same but it is Star Wars themed.  The Emperor has tasked Darth Vader with making the new Death Star an economic power so that they do not have to work.  This is where you come in, like Tiny Tower you manage your building by putting in residential, retail, food, entertainment and so one to keep your bitizen happy.  The whole game has the Star Wars them music done in the form of elevator music playing in the back ground…Which is just awesome.  The biggest change comes in the forms of under ground levels where you interrogate the rebels and steal their secrets for money.  It is a fun game to pick up and play randomly throughout the day and is free to play.

Dungeon Keeperdungeon-keeper

Dungeon Keeper is an oddly addicting tower defense style game.  You are given a dungeon to build and defend using different towers,  you are also able to build an army in order to attack other players or NPCs.  It reminds me a lot of Clash of the Clans, however there is more emphasis on the defense phase.  As you progress through the NPC levels you get attacked by NPCs where you are left to defend you base with your army and a variety of spells.  DK is a freemium game, however there is no real pay gate which is a nice touch.  They also purposely mention in the intro that there is no pay to win scenario which I though was clever.  I have a blast just reconfiguring my Dungeon to try and funnel all the attackers though a massive attack.

Devil’s Attorney

Where do I even start with this title?  Devil’s Attorney is a turn based strategy gamer where you have to defend a criminal in court.  You have a variety of “moves” to discredit the prosecutes evidence, tamper with evidence, lower the prosecutors and witnesses credibility and so on.  Each “attack” lowers the credibility of the prosecutor and when it reaches zero you win.  As you go through levels you gain money which you use to up grade your apartment.  The apartment upgrades boil down to 3 paths Materialism, Vanity, and Decadence, as each one is increased you unlock different abilities to use in court.  This game has a full voice cast which includes some pretty hilarious banter before each case.  I would defiantly recommend this for anyone looking for a good game to play while on the go!   Be sure to check out the trailer below!

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