Gaming on the Go: Parenting Adventure

Gaming on the Go: Parenting Adventure

photoHey Gamers!

With the arrival of baby Hunter, Planning for Extra Life, redesigning the site, and being a stay at home dad, my gaming has been resorted to titles that can be played with one hand and can be closed at any time…Thank you iPhone! That being said, I am still getting plenty of time to play my Xbox/PC, Little Hunter hasn’t stopped my gaming addiction yet, and honestly don’t think he can!



Where do I even start with this title?  The goal is simple, bounce on a trampoline and complete a combination of tricks to do combos.  At the start of each level you are given a combo task to complete.  Simple huh?  Well its actually quite difficult to do some of the required combos.  The challenge comes when you are asked to do five back flips in one jump while the wind is blowing the other direction.  Failing to land the jump can have some pretty morbid but hilarious results!   Bouncy is quick to pick up and play, and just was quick to put down.  The best part about it in my opinion is there are no micro transactions or pay gates,  you just simply play!

Heroes of Dragon Age

DA 1

Honestly, this is what I find my self playing most of the time these days, simply because I can play it with one hand.  In Heroes of Dragon age you build a squad of 5 members that consist of 4 heroes and a large companion (Dragon, bear, spider, etc).  The heroes range from daemons to Grey wardens  and are classed as common to Legendary.  To get different Heroes you buy them from the store using in game currency,  this is where the pay gate starts to make its appearance.  Your options are:

  • 500 gold for a random hero, this can range from common to legendary
  • 1,500 gold for a random hero from uncommon to legendary
  • 38 gems for a  for a random hero from rare to legendary
  • 1.99 for a random legendary

The gems are the premium currency that you can earn through quests in the game or by purchasing them through the store.  At first it is quite easy to earn gems and buy rare heroes,  the pay gate happens around the 3rd or 4th set of quests when you can no longer continue if you do not have a team full of Rares or higher.  It slows the quest mode down quite a bit if you are not willing to shell out some coin, personally I wasn’t willing to do so.  To be honest, I do not understand why I’m so addicted to this game!  The pay gate is very frustrating, and other than choosing your party there is no real game play.  All the battles are carried out by the computer with no interaction from you…If you win your party gets experience and gold, and if you loose you get a bit of experience.  It is that simple and yet I can’t put it down.


Well that is it for my one handed gaming, luckily my other hand is freeing up so I will be able to play A Link Between Worlds (3DS) on November 22nd!


~ Mark

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