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I haven’t done an on the go post since I got home, and figured this would be the perfect time to do one!  Although I am no longer technically on the go and can play games on my home consoles, I find my self always returning to my Iphone/Ipad.  I blame this on the App Galaxy on Fire 2 (GoF) which was the app of the day a few weeks a go.  Once I started GoF I couldn’t put it down, so i bring to you this week….

Gaming on the G0: At home Adventure 

(so it doesn’t have the same ring to it but tough luck!)

I originally wanted to do a review of GoF, however it is a very long game with lots of Expansion packs…so this will have to do for now.  I am also under the impression that the Iso/Android Version is not the “Full” game.  That being said it is still quite a long experience.  Gof is available on pc, mac, Ios, and Android.IMG_0009 The game looks pretty damn good on all platforms.  Since I’m playing it on Ios you will have to suffer with the screens I took my self.  I didn’t realize until last night that there was a “Freeze action” option so I can take Proper screens, not just POV…But I digress.  GoF looks absolutely stunning on my phone/Tablet.  The one down side is that playing on a tablet for hours on end is that it really gets stress full on the writs!  Because of that I have continued to play it solely on the phone.  I have noticed that the voice acting is…how do I say this nicely…Absolutely terrible!  The entire story is read back to the player which does help the player dive in to the universe.  However the voice just seems off and scripted.  Is this because of bad localization or just a poor port? Either way I try my hardest to listen to the story with out getting side tracked by anything else around me that is more entertaining.

GoF starts off really slow, which is different from most Ios games that throw you right into the action.  The reason it is slow is because you start off with a old broken ship named Betty.  She is slow, weak, and has little to no armor. It is possible to do the starting story missions with Betty, but they are long and get rather boring.IMG_0008  I immediately started fundraising to purchase a new ship to make the fights less of a random win, and more about skill.  Fundraising in GoF can be done in three ways, by completing missions (both side and story), gathering loot from enemies (or robbing randoms..which is NOT recommended at earlier stages), or mining Asteroids.  The mining is more of a mini game which can pay off if you have the patients.  Its a pretty simple concept, but can get very difficult at times.  The goal is simple, keep the smaller spinning “Drill” in the big rings.  If the drill bit passes out side of the outer most ring it gets damaged and can eventually destroy the asteroid leaving you with nothing. I find my self mining when I’m on the go and save the story for when I’m home with head phones and sound.  Besides it is a great way to pass the time and feels like a simple Ios game…But severely helps out my progression in the story.

IMG_0121I defiantly recommend GoF  for any one who is a fan of action space game…Or the old Star fox 64.  It is an absolute blast on the Ios platform and can only imagine that it is just as amazing on Pc…and for 9.99 on steam you can’t really go wrong!  In Fact it is free on the itunes app store at this very moment, so whats the harm?  Enjoy and let me know what you think!

So long for now!!


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  • Joey Sisco March 29, 2013

    Hmmm.. I usually prefer console/PC titles, I’ve never really taken to many iOS titles. But this, especially for free, seems worth my time. Ill download this this evening. I’ll let you know what I think!! :D

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