Gaming on the Go: Back to School Adventure

Gaming on the Go: Back to School Adventure

Hey gamers,

With school starting back up, now is a great time to focus on some mobile games to take the edge off during your break from class…I wouldn’t recommend gaming in class,  I tried that in grade 11 through 5th year university….


So today I bring you Asphalt 8, which by the way is free for the moment!  Asphalt 8 is an amazing racing game on the iOS from publisher Gameloft.  Asphalt 8 lets you feel as if you are playing an A+ title on the consoles in the palm of your hands.  The first thing I noticed about the game was the graphics.  The game looks amazing!  I could not believe that I was playing this game on my phone.  They also added real tracks to the game rather than generic music; it was a nice touch to race to Skrillix!


The game play is very similar to other racing games on mobile platforms.  The acceleration is automatic; steering is controlled by tilting the device, leaving the left and right side of the screen to control breaking and boosting.  Asphalt 8 introduced multiple paths for racers to take along with some gravity defying ramps.  This adds a ton of replayabiltity and difficulty to the races because it is very possible to take a path that takes you way off course.


The game does feel a bit slow considering the speeds you are actually going.  It’s hard to explain but the game just seems to lag a bit…It does not take away from the game play at all, but it is noticeable!

Asphalt 8 is defiantly worth the download!  Try it!

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