Gaming on The Go: Summer Time Adventure

Hey Gamers,

After many hours of web work I finally have time to sit back and talk about some mobile games! This time in Gaming on the go we look at titles that are a must have for the summer months. Lets look at the facts: Its nice, its hot, the porch and cold beers are calling, and you do not want to be in doors! Unfortunately this means that until someone can stream my 360 live to my phone I am stuck with mobile platforms…  But this isn’t a bad thing because there are some quality games available for mobile devices that will keep you entertained for hours!


Badlands cover

Badland is an atmospheric side-scrolling action adventure that was released on march 25, 2013.  The game play its self is pretty straight forward, you simply touch the screen to fly up and let go to descend while your character moves forward automatically.  Sounds pretty simple no?  Well its not!  Badland gameplay relies heavily on physics and can get quite difficult at times.  As you progress through levels you collect fruit that will change your size making you heavier or lighter, which in turn makes it more difficult to navigate the level.  To add a bit of salt to the wound the developer made it impossible to pass certain points depending on your size!  This really forces you to think ahead so you can proceed to the finish.

BL gameplay

The art design of Badland is eerily beautiful…the foreground is all black with simple basic colours to highlight certain objects (eyes, fruit, platforms, ect).  The background on the other hand shows a lush colourful environment with growth, topography, and even other living things.  It can be very depressing navigating a dark black land with a living forest just out of reach!  It is a simple game that can be played in between beers which is why it makes it into this weeks Gaming on the go!

Badlands can be found on the apple app store and is worth the price tag of 3.99.

Asphalt 7: Heat


I was actually surprised by Asphalt7: Heat.  I love racing games…but with out a controller or a steering wheel/pedal set up there is just something missing…At least that was how I felt until I play this!  It is like other mobile racing games in the sense that it uses the accelerometers to control the steering, but it is so responsive it actually works.  I feel like I am playing a premium game on my console or PC at home!


The graphics, sound effects, and music are all absolutely stunning for a mobile racing game.  Mix this with responsive controls and a simple pause/un-pause system makes it the perfect summer gaming on the go title!    The one down side to the game is the multi-player mode.  Don’t get me wrong it is fun and all, but you have to be connected to Wifi to play…which is difficult when you are sitting on a dock in the middle of nowhere… When you do manage to stumble up to your house the game can be quite laggy online and some times un-playable, which is very disappointing.

With all this in mind Asphalt 7: Heat can be found on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and windows 8 for the small price of .99

Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans is difficult to describe…  CoC is an epic game based around attack, defense, and strategy.  Your goal is to build and protect your village from other players, while attacking those same players to steal their resources to further your village.  It has the feel of a real time strategy, however it is clearly not.  I say that because while you are being attacked you have no control over your village…  You have to hope and pray that your defense was strong enough to stand the attack, or that the person attacking you is a noob and has no idea what they are doing (I fall into this category alot!)  As you build, attack, and defend, you level up and unlock new units, buildings (both production and defense), walls, and other goodies to help you on your quest to be the top Clan.

Clash of clans is an iOS exclusive and is free on the app store.  CoC is very easy to pick up and put down and only requires a minimum of 5 minutes to play at any time, which is why it earns a spot on the Gaming on the go : Summer adventure.


Well that is it for now gamers, I have spent enough time in side for the day and I feel my lawn chairs and beers shouting my name!


~ Mark

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