Grind my Gears (Warning not a Gears of War post…)

Grind my Gears (Warning not a Gears of War post…)

Hey gamers,

I was out shopping today when I came across something that really irritated me!  there is one thing in the gaming world that really pisses me off, and that is cheaters in online games.  Sure I have done my fair share of exploits…but ALL have been done in single player or with my friends…I have never exploited to win or dominate an online match.

Now I have been around a while and have seen my fair share of exploits.  From the original Ghost Recon on Xbox, where if you prone and turn 90 degrees you are impossible to hit, to Call of duty “elevators”, and the absolute worst a mouse and Key board on halo 3!  But this takes the Cake!!!


A controller designed with Macros to exploit Games…I mean Come on!  how lazy do you have to be?  Honestly, does this make people feel good?  knowing that they won at a match with a HUGE advantage..That they paid for…because they are to terrible to actually play the game?  this takes all the fun out of games and seriously makes me question why I even try to play against people!  I guess in some way it makes me feel pretty damn good about my skill on-line when I beat people who are quite obviously using items like this…I have seen the drop and shoot used so many times and now it makes sense…

Any way i just thought i would post this.  If you are one of the gamers that use this then I have one question for you…Really?  what does everyone else think?  Am I out of line?  or is this sort of thing ok?

Nova Gamer out!

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  • markm March 27, 2013

    People who would use this suck worse than the Roadie Runners in Gears of War.

    • Mark March 28, 2013

      I completely agree! I almost think it should be bannable it makes me so mad

  • Joey Sisco March 29, 2013

    This infuriates me too. This shit isn’t cool, I don’t think your out of line at all. And this is coming from someone who enjoys the discovery of glitches and exploits (for solo or friendly fun), and, I sadly admit, I even enjoy the occasional and VERY brief griefing. From camping a lowbie on WoW, to committing suicide to make my team lose in an online team deathmatch back in Halo 2. I’m not proud of it, but some rare days when in a bad mood– being a dick makes me feel better.

    But never would I cheat for the purpose of victory, glory, bragging rights, whatever. I’ve made my fair share of bad moves, this wouldn’t be one of them.

    • Mark March 29, 2013

      I completely agree Joe! And honestly I think there is a time for greifing….just ask Dan about our old halo 3 days… I think it is ok because you are not cheating to get ahead…just being a dick, which is a good stress reliever

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