In The Know!

In The Know!

Here is the September 3rd Edition of In The Know!



-          According to research done by The NPD Group, over 90% of all American kids play videogames. Source:

-          The Phoenix Art Museum is hosting ‘The Art of Video Games’, an exhibit exploring nostalgia of Nintendo, Sega Genesis and more.  The exhibit runs until the end of September. Source:

-          There has been a recent push from Microsoft shareholders to spin off the Xbox, in order to help the ailing company. While the video game division rakes in over $7 billion a year, it is also one of the lowest margin divisions. Source:

-          Concordia University is just one school that is pushing video games as valid homework. To graduate, students must complete Lemonade Stand¸ a game that allows students to grow an measly lemonade stand into a business empire. Source:

-          Video games as therapeutic? So last week! A study from the Iowa State University suggested that violent video games led to increased aggression in players. Source:

-          The same study had an upside. While aggressive, participants were able to make quicker decisions. Thank goodness for video         games! Source:

-          If you have yet to play Call of Duty series, now is your chance! Xbox and Activision are offering the series at a 50% discount on Xbox Live. Source:

-          According to Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, social interactions will be the driving force behind the PS4. Source:

-          Sony is thought to be releasing a virtual reality headset for the PS4. The unveil is expect in 2014. Source:

-          Fifa 14 will only be available for day one pre-orders in Europe, contrary to an earlier post by Mircosoft that stated all pre-orders in Europe would come with the game, day one or not. Source:

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