Majora’s Mask 3DS Teased

Majora’s Mask 3DS Teased

That’s Right Gamers!


The Produce for Zelda Eiji Aonuma has teased the possibility of Majora’s Mask on the 3DS!  As we all know The legend of Zelda: A link Between Worlds is out later this month for the 3DS.  Eiji said earlier this year during a  Q & A “I see many of you have been asking about a remake of Majora’s Mask for Nintendo 3DS. It’s nice to see such a strong response to this title, and we haven’t forgotten about Link’s adventures in that world. If you play A Link Between Worlds, you may better understand what I mean by that.”

Although a Majora’s Mask remake would be amazing, I do not think that we will see it any time soon.  A link between worlds will be out November 22nd, so it would be in Nintendo’s best interest to wait a bit before releasing it.  As much I I would love to see 2 or 3 new Zelda tiles a year…It is very unrealistic.

During Comicon Eiji revealed that A link between worlds will connect Hyrule and the dark wold Lorule, I am very curious to see how they will link the world from Majora’s Mask to Hyrule and Lorule.  In the mean time check out this trailer for A link Between Worlds!

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