New Grand Theft Auto 5 ‘Character’ Trailers

Rockstar has released a few new trailers showcasing some back story to each of the main characters you will be playing in Grand Theft Auto 5. These trailers consist of mostly new footage and makes the wait to September 17 that much harder. I can not wait for this!

Get ready to meet Franklin, Trevor and Michael.




What do you think of the new characters? Looks like some good diversity that will make for a very thrilling game!

Trailers via Machinima

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  • Joey Sisco May 1, 2013

    Looks absolutely fantastic. I can’t even pick a favourite, although Trevor is up there. I thing Gta5 will shatter records, and I know ill personally be buying this on launch day.

  • I wasn’t sold on GTA5 yet, but these trailers have nailed it for me. Great stuff.

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