Nintendo Announces the 2DS

Nintendo Announces the 2DS


Nintendo Announces the release of the 2DS to North America.  The new handheld will be available just before the holiday season on October 12, 2013 for the price of 129.99.  Nintendo’s new handheld is able to play all of the current 3ds titles, while removing the 3d feature.  The goal of the 2ds is to target a younger demographic, currently the 3DS is not recommend for children under the age of 7 due to the no glasses 3d feature.  This new system will allow everyone to play the 3DS titles while not ruining the eye sight of millions of  young Canadians.  The 2DS will have mainly the same components as the current 3ds, however it looses the “calm shell” design and introduces a solid “slate” handheld.

Although this may look like a waste of time and money, the 2ds may actually do quite well.  The ability to play all the 3ds games with an 80$ price cut form the 3DS XL may be exactly what parents are looking for this holiday season.  On another note, not everyone can use the 3D function, some people suffer from headaches/motion sickness while views 3D animations.  Other people are just unable to see  3D due to issues with the eyes or processing centers of the brain.  Although it is possible to turn the 3d feature off, it seems like a waste of money to buy a 3d feature when you can not use it.

For more information you can check out the specs on nintendo’s home page.


Nintendo Announces the 2DS

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