Preview: Mercenary Kings

Preview: Mercenary Kings

You want to play this game. You might not know it yet, but you really do. Let me ask you a few questions about some games you like to play, ok? Alright, you like Contra right? Of course you do. How about Metal Slug? Sure thing! Now, sprinkle in some RPG elements, like crafting, missions, and a persistent character with leveling. I’ve got your attention now don’t I?


What Tribute Studios has done here with Mercenary Kings is amazing. The mix of genres works perfect. The art is charming, and the gameplay is spot on. Even though this game is in Early Access on Steam and still in beta from, you wouldn’t think for a second that its still not complete. Sure, there are still some features they are working on, but everything just feels so solid. The just of the game; you’re a mercenary for hire, you complete missions to get money and loot, to upgrade yourself and your weapons. There are many types of missions to do, they range from Kill missions, where you have to find a particular target to kill, to Collect missions where, well, you collect a certain type of loot that is dropped. There are a ton of different ways to customize, your weapons for instance have different barrels, stocks, even types of ammo you can use. You can even customize your own personal hut, just to give it that certain something to set the mood.

Merc Kings 1

The controls feel tight and spot on, there is even a hint of Gears of War in here with an active reload feature. It feels great and is very satisfying when you nail it then spray some bullets into a sniper trying to blow your head off! Jumping is one thing that took a little to get in touch with. Hold the jump button for a longer jump, while tapping it will be a shorter one. They all come together great when your dodge rolling and jumping from cliff to cliff to get that mad loot!

Overall, as you can probably tell, I can’t get enough of this game. Everything just feels so great. Missions happen at a good pace and you constantly have that “one more mission” mentality. The only thing I haven’t tried out yet is the Co-op. Four player Co-op, either split screen or online. I can only imagine this would be a complete blast playing with 3 other buddies. With that said, buy this. Then we can play some co-op!

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