Hey gamers,

After an amazing random night with Ben and his cousin Gabe I thought I would take a stab at rewind.

The night started off like any other, a few beers, some gaming, and pub food. However this quickly changed when the 3 of us wanted to take a trip down memory lane to the grand old Age of 7! The year was 1990, the NES was nearing the end of its cycle and Konami (it may have been Ultra that did the nes port) released the arcade version of Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 The Arcade Game.


As soon as we popped it in (I say this figuratively speaking because it was a xbl arcade game) we started debating and reminiscing. The argument started with “this looks to good to be nes! It has to be snes!”. After A few Google searches and some name calling I proved myself right! It was a nes title released right at the end of the systems life span. But enough about us arguing about it, let’s actually talk about the game!

TMNT 2 was everything we remembered it to be as a child. The cheesy 8-bit voice, the theme song constantly playing in the back ground, the constant button mashing, everything was exactly as it should have been…except for the infinite continues. This made the game almost too easy because you could never get a game over. I remember finishing this on the nes and I could have sworn there were not infinite continues. I know the arcade had infinite continues but you would have to blow an entire weeks allowance to do so! So when did games get so easy? A great example if this is the remastered version of star fox 64 on the 3ds. You can choose between two difficulties, easy and original. The original version is impossible! And this coming from a kid who would beat the game several times a day because he had nothing better to do! So I am just getting older? Or are games getting easier to the point that the retro games now seem like an impossible feat? I know there are some damn had games out there, like dark soul, but are these legitimately harder? Or are they made like games of the good old day? On a side note, we all commented on how shot the game was…I am never complaint about a short title again (rant for another day)

This got me thinking and have set out on a task, I dug out every system I owned and hooked it up with the intention to see if I can finish some of my childhood favorites…

So lets see if adult Mark can stand a fighting chance against child Mark (who had Terrible add….my chances are not looking good)

Challenge accepted!


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  • Joey Sisco March 29, 2013

    It’s hard to say Mark. I liked this article, it really made me think. I think games are a bit easier nowadays. Or at least we now get to pick (Easy/Normal/Hard etc). Because some gamers enjoy the challenge. Some enjoy the experience.

    As an example, my first play through of Halo 4 was on easy. I was there for the story, Chiefs voice, awe inspiring moments and I felt like a god mowing down my opponents. Once I beat it and knew the story, then I wanted challenege and started Legendary. I play sometimes to be challenged, other times I feel like wrecking my opponents.

    And I think Retro games werea bit tougher. Easier = greater audience, and that’s what the industry wants. That’s my two cents. :)

    PS: God love TMNT <3

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