Reaper of Souls: Diablo 3 Expansion

Reaper of Souls: Diablo 3 Expansion


“Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all . . .”

Blizzard announced the first Diablo 3 expiation today at Gamescon, Reaper of Souls.  The Diablo 3 expansion has players following the path of Malthael, the fallen Archangel of Wisdom.  Malthael disappeared after the events that took place in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction and has not been seen since.  In reaper of Souls Malthael returns as the Angle of death and captures the black soulstone that contains the Prime Evil.  The player must track down Malthael and stop him before he destroys the world.

With the new Diablo 3 expansion comes a new hero: the Crusader.  The Crusader is a righteous warrior who is on a quest to stop the corruption from destroying their Zakarum faith.  The Crusaders has been hardened by the never ending combat which has made them a force to be reckoned with.  The Crusader is simply put a walking tank, they have the ability to wear heavy armour while wielding a wide variety of punishing and devastating weapons.  As the sour cherry on this hateful cake, the Crusader can also buff allies and debuff foes with battle magic.  You can see the Crusader in action below.


“This expansion also represents a big milestone in the ongoing evolution of Diablo III, with key enhancements to the core gameplay, along with a new act to experience, a powerful new character class, tons of new loot, and even more end-game options. We think players will love playing Reaper of Souls, and we can’t wait to get it into their hands.” Mike Morhaime said  earlier today in a blizzard press release.  The Diablo 3 expansion will offer the new hero, a new act,  tons of horrific new monsters, new loots, and a new world.  The expansion also increases the level cap to 70 with news spells and ability for the current classes.  To boost the end game experience, blizzard is adding even more character advancements to the paragon system and 2 new game modes.

That is all the information that is out for the time being, but be sure to check back as more news is released!  For now check out the opening cinematic

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