The Right Plan on Shroud of the Avatar Mine Basement

The Right Plan on Shroud of the Avatar Mine Basement

Hey all RP here!

Time to check out the “Shroud of the Avatar Mine Basement” addition to homes! SOTA has added a new feature to their game. This addition will allow players to not only use the house they purchase in game, but also use the ground under it! They have already released some basic basement add-on designs, but this new mine basement design is very well done. They will work the same as all other features in your house in regards to placing: furniture, pictures, decorations etc… But they will be able to be added to the ground under your home, allowing for floors of more space to live in and collect your game goodies!

Here are the amazingly well done levels of the Mine Basement design!

Here you can see just how many levels can be added to your home’s basement!

Mine Basement 1

As you can see, all the land space you own will be utilized in your basement levels.

Mine Basement 2

There will be specialized items that can be created to make your basement shine!Mine Basement 3

Pulleys and mine carts to give it that real underground miner feel.

Mine Basement 4

Add a forge and mine cart to make an amazing crafting room!

Mine Basement 5

Happy Gaming!



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