Rightplan on MMORPG – Ultima Shroud of the Avatar!

Rightplan on MMORPG – Ultima Shroud of the Avatar!

Hey RP Here!

So I know this is off my usual Blizzard related posts but as stated in my welcome post http://novagamer.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/the-rightplan-on-blizzard-an-introduction/ I started the majority of my online gaming on Ultima games including Beta testing Ultima Online and they loving it for my 7 years of game play.


Finally they are coming out with a new Ultima game called “The Shroud of the Avatar”. I personally am excited about this! It required funding to start but because of their huge fan base they exceeded that funding and are scheduled to release the beta testing on Dec 2013.

It is going to have the option to play online and offline which is awesome, not to mention they are going to be incorporating a lot of features from Ultima Online in it such as being able to build a house. They are also talking about creating a new MMORPG gaming experience where you will not have to follow quest givers needs and instead create something similar to there old style of play where the world is more free to explore and choose to help who you wish to. There is not a lot of info out on it yet since its still working on the beta but if you are interested, you can see a lot of intro videos and discussions at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/portalarium/shroud-of-the-avatar-forsaken-virtues-0 .

The best part is that this whole thing needed funding because it is being created by the original maker of the Ultima games Lord British Productions and not by the company who bought out their Ultima Online game and ruined it EA.


For those who doubt my dedication :) here is the original Ultima Online Cloth map framed and hanging above my computer… Don’t get geekier than me haha. I know the top left corner is frayed…. You can thank a very small and annoying dog for that… This is why I framed it.

Oh and before I forget, I am in the beta to be released and anyone else who wished to donate 33$ or more to be in the beta/ support the release then you still can at the main site https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/ .

That’s all I have for now!

Happy Gaming!


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