Second Chance Gaming: EverQuest 2

Second Chance Gaming: EverQuest 2

Hey gamers! JSask here to bring you a segment of Second Chance Gaming, for SOE’s 2004 MMO, EverQuest II. EQ2 is a sequel to the massivly popular MMO, 1999′s EverQuest. It recently went Free-To-Play, and even more recently, removed a lot of the race/class resrictions on the F2P model. Since I’m itching for some EverQuest lately due to the announcement of EverQuest Next, I decided to dive on in.

I played EverQuest II in 2004, when it originally launched. Sadly, early into it’s first expansion, Desert of Flames, I bailed for the upcoming genera titan, World of Warcraft. (A decision I don’t regret at all.) However this experience, so far, has been fun, rewarding and desrving of my time. EQ2 is definitely a good title to install if you are looking for a “bang for your buck” title. The payment models are fairly flexable. Firstly, there is Free-To-Play, which restricts chat function, character slots, spell levels, guild function, gear options and mailing priviledges. You can choose to pay 5$ one time, to upgrade to a Silver membership, which is access to Expert level spells, 2 additional character slots, full chat function, and the ability to create a guild. Gold membership, which will run you 14.99$ a month, will obviously give you access to absolutely everything. I recommend starting on F2P to get a feel for it. If you’re enjoying yourself, the 5$ Silver Membership is absolutely worth the money, take it from me personally, for the Expert Spells and Chat function alone. I’ll leave the 15$ a month up to you though, if you’re really enjoying it that much.

In terms of graphics, EverQuest 2 looks rather good, especially for a 2004 title. It was a resource hog on launch, even going so far as to claim that current market machines we’re capable of running it maxed out. Animation is relatively fluent, environments are lush and breath-taking, and there is a lot of content here. This is primarily the reason I picked EQ2 back up. I enjoy exploring new worlds, and adventuring through foreign lands, and Norrath fits the bill perfectly. It plays like a classic MMO of fetch quests, kill quests, dungeons, raids, loot, a broker system, and character advancment. EverQuest II does a great job of not coming up with anything really new and exciting, but presenting us with quality content. It does everything it really should and it does it right.

EQPic1 EQPic2

This is the perfect title to try out with a few buddies as well. Even if one player out levels the others, EQ2 has a wonderful mentoring system. Essentially, a Level 90 player could scale himself down to any group members level. His stats, gear, spells, will all scale down to that level of power. The player being mentored by the higher level gets an experience bonus to his XP. The game has player housing, guild housing, professions, achievements, PvP Servers, and best of all, a sense of adventure.


My current objectives are to see a character through to level cap, then go back and explore all the nooks and crannies of Norrath, and explore some of the early dungeons and raids from a solo perspective. This will get my familiar with this world, this universe, because EverQuest Next hits! If anyone would like to create a character and come see what EQ2 is like, feel free to add me to your friends list! I am currently a Level 15 Dark Elf Shadowknight (Soon to become Paladin) named Vyael, on the Everfrost Server.

See you all in Norrath!

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