Second Chance Gamining: The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

The_Legend_of_Zelda_-_Skyward_Sword_(logo)Hey Gamers,

Ok lets just get this clear right now,  Its not that I never gave this title a chance….I moved to Australia and it completely fell off the radar…In fact I only remembered I had it about a week ago.  I’m actually glad that I am just rediscovering this now because we are entering that dreaded summer low where nothing is released….But enough about that, on to the game.

When I first popped this in I was a little disappointed with the art direction.  I do not mind cell shading one bit, but there is just something about the character design that seems off…Link.  But if I let something as simple as graphics ruin my game play experience, then I can’t call my self a hardcore gamer can I?  Besides I haven’t even hit the first temple yet so maybe there is something I am missing.   I felt this way about Windwaker at first, and now I can’t even imaging playing that game any other way!

The controls are another story.  Again, I have nothing against motion controls, Kinect, Imove, and so on.  However, I feel there is a time and a place for them.  Sometimes I really do not mind using motions controls; but when I’m laying down in bed,  or relaxing on the sofa, shaking and slashing wildly with my hands just doesn’t feel right.  My cat will sit on my lap and growl every time I try to roll or slash because my whole body goes into it, while the other one bats wildly at the cord between the Wii mote and the Nunchuck.  I know they were created to get you into the game and during the day I have no problem with them, but some times I just want to sit on the sofa and drink a beer while enjoying an engaging and interesting story.

Which brings me to the next point; The story.  So far Skyward Sword has delivered everything I have come to expect from a Zelda game. The main reason I enjoy the Zelda series so much is because of the stories, and the writers ability to draw the player into their imaginative world.  The use of classically orchestrated music to describe the emotions of the scene is bang on, bringing the player through the feelings he/she should be feeling as if they were actually there!  I couldn’t put the controller down (As much as I wanted to) because I wanted to see what happened next!   I find that I get so immersed in this world they have created that I no longer care about the controls, graphics, character design, because in the end it is about the story and the quest.

All in all I’m really glad I gave this game a Second Chance, with all the hype, news, and rumors about upcoming Zelda titles I needed something to feed my addiction, and Skyward Sword seems to be a great filler.  We will see how I feel as I progress though the game.

That is it for now!

Mark Out!

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  • Joey Sisco April 29, 2013

    Good read Mark. :)

    I too, need to give LOZ:SS a second chance. I was actually in the middle of giving it a second chance in February, but then all my moving bullshit started. I’ll get back at it again soon. I agree with you on practically every point you made, interestingly enough.

    The game has it’s share of problems. But so do all games. The one thing I differ from you on, is motion controls. I had fun with motions controls for about six and a half minutes when the Wii launched playing Tennis. I’m not a fan of Wii Motion tech. Not a fan of Sony Move. Not a fan of Kinect. I love me my slouch, and thats how I want to game.

    That aside, Skyward Sword busts out the Zelda charm in full force. It literally makes it difficult for you to dislike it, despite any issues. I’ll return to it myself shortly enough. :)

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