SuperNova Cast – Episode 5

SuperNova Cast – Episode 5

Dave, Mark, Dan, Austin and Jon return to the SuperNova Cast to discuss news and some retro gaming history. Check the list after the player to see some of the things we talked about during the podcast. Thanks to Sycamore Drive / / for the opening music. Send us your comments via


For the follow along crowd, here’s some of the many things we discussed:
Blood Dragon Review
Combatting the Stack!
Simpsons Moving / Tetris
The International 3 (+ unrelated Black Hole call by TobiWan)
PC Gamer – GTA 5 on PC? Apparently not.
Extra Life Charity Marathon
A Blast from the Past: Game Gear
Comprehensive List of Gaming Consoles Thanks to
Cyborg Justice
The nightmare music of TMNT
Maze Craze
Code Monkeys
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Glitches
Ducktales golden NES carts, Thanks Penny-Arcade Report
Good Old Games –

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