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The Right Plan on Shroud of the Avatar

The Right Plan on Shroud of the Avatar

Hello all RP here!

So it has been a while since I have touched base on the progress on the new ultima game “Ultima Shroud of the Avatar”. So far they are not disappointing me! There will be a video at the end of this showing how far they have come in production so far.

For all of those who missed the previous post here is a quick recap!

The game is going to be designed by the original creator of the Ultima games and Ultima Onine, Lord British himself! That right, the man who made the worlds first MMORPG for online PC (not including text based games like MUD) will be spearheading this development.  They have looked for backers in Kickstarter for $485,875 and have surpassed their goal with a current $2,405,150 meaning it will have even more funding to go towards the development! If you want to watch all of the videos and discussions, as well as make a donation you can click here for the main site. They needed the funding because they wish to go back to the old way games were created and have more customer interactions and ideas and sway away from large developers which is awesome!

The game is still in development and will be released into beta testing around December 2013 and is scheduled to be released for everyone in Oct 2014. If you are like myself and wish to Beta test this and give your opinions of likes and dislikes to the developers you can easily sigh up for it by going to the main site and donate a minimum of $45. We at Novagamer will have our copy and will do what we can to keep people informed on release dates and further changes!

For now the game is coming along nicely! the graphics are still in their design phase and haven’t gone through fine tuning yet but I think everyone will like the ideas they have so far to make it a change from your everyday MMORPG and bring back some old school features like personal housing!! So here is their most recent video, graphics still unfinished but I am sure everyone will appreciate the ideas they are implementing. Enjoy!

Happy Gaming!




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