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One of the perks of being a teacher is definitely March break! and never has this been more evident than this year with the release of Titanfall falling right in the middle. Heck, I was so stoked for the release that it caused me to finally bite the bullet and join the next generation and buy an Xbox One. This time though, at least buying a new console won’t end up with a member of the Nova Gamer family making my wife not speak to me for almost 24 hours but I digress.

I picked up Titanfall this morning and after the surprisingly fast install, compared to other games of a similar install size, I jumped into the game looking for some action and was met by a great intro video and a wall of 14 or 15 (I honestly lost count) tutorials about how to move and fight in Titanfall.

Usually, I would have just blown through the tutorials but Titanfall takes the time to do it right by making it work in the context of the story, and by giving you the chance to practice skills in a less linear tutorial level before progressing.

Not to mention that the movement controls are not exactly your standard FPS movement, with the ability to double jump and wall run. Not to mention some interesting new weapon mechanics like lock-on pistols and of course the eponymous Titans.

After the tutorials, I was finally able to jump in and tried out the campaign mode first. Since the campaign is multiplayer only, it did mean a lengthy(5+ minutes) wait to find enough people trying the same campaign mission. though it is well done with video and audio bookends as well as audio queues and picture in picture video communications throughout.

By the end of my first match, I came away with two realizations:
1- I never felt a real hurry to call for my Titanfall, as I was able to hold my own as a pilot, even managing to down a Titan by faulting off of a roof onto it’s back and blowing it’s brains out with my rifle.
2- Once your Titan has been built, you actually have the option to respawn in your Titan as it is dropped onto the battlefield.

All in all, I’m looking forward to seeing what Titanfall has in store for the rest of the experience.

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