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Titanfall Review

Titanfall Review with NovaGamer:

In an era of sequels and remakes an original I.P is a very nice sight.  Titanfall is exactly what the doctor ordered for the new generation of consoles, something new, original, and fun.  Respawn entertainment took all their experience from the call of duty series to come up with Titanfall.


The gameplay is exactly what you would expect from the original creators of COD.  The controls and movement are all very familiar to anyone who was a fan of the series…That being said Titanfall is anything but COD.  The free running mechanics of their parcore system work as fluidly as you can imagine.  You can run, jump, and climb anything just by thinking about it; there are no quick time events, or awkward controls to navigate the field.  That being said, I still have a few embarrassing moments where I miss calculate a distance or my movement speed and bounce awkwardly off a wall or over shoot a jump and land on the roof above a window.  These game mechanics quickly change once you jump into your titan.  You are no longer a quick agile ninja; instead you are a massive, bulky, walking tank of death.  As a titan you lose the ability to jump and climb, limiting your access to the areas of the map.  Instead you gain devastating ordinance and weapons capable of wiping out enemies hiding in hard to reach areas or even on opposites sides of the map.  You also gain the ability to dash, which helps you quickly get out of line of fire, or squish and opponent attempting to run away.  There are currently three classes of titans for you to choose from:

  • The strider:   This titan is light on the armour but very agile which allows you to quickly swoop into a battle and get out again before an opponent is able to aim at you.  The down side is if you manage to get hit, you take a massive amount of damage.  Its special ability gives the titan an infinite amount of dash for a short time which allows it to get out of battle and across the map very quickly.
  • The Ogre:  This titan is simply a walking tank; there is no other way to put it.  The ogre can take a beating from multiple titans and walk away un-harmed.  This ability is increased tenfold when the over shield ability is activated.  The down side to the ogre is its slow and bulky movement… when you get into trouble it is very difficult to escape the battle to recharge.  Most of the time when an ogre is in trouble the titan ends up going nuclear and the pilot punches out.
  • The Atlas:  This titan is a blend of the strider and the Ogre, giving it moderate speed and moderate armour.  The bounce ability to the atlas gives it a short boost to overall damage.


Titanfall is 100% online multiplayer.  That being said there is still a campaign mode that is quite interesting.  The story is pretty standard evil government vs. rebel scum.  During the campaign you play as a fighter on one side of the battle. Each “level” is a multiplayer match where you either have to capture and hold points for data/fuel transfer, or wipe out the enemy forces to liberate an area.  The interesting part of this is in how the match is set up, if you are playing as the rebel force, the opposing team will be playing the campaign for the IMC and vice versa.  At the end of the match, regardless of if you win or lose, you progress to the next level with a little explanation of what took place.  IT would have been interesting to have you repeat the level if your team loses…however I could see this causing matchmaking issues and A LOT of frustration.  Another interesting feature of the game is the end of each match.  Once the match is over the losing team has the opportunity to try and escape the battlefield instead of the game ending with a scoreboard.  The match modes include:

  • Attrition (Death Match)
  • Hard point (captures and holds)
  • Capture the flag (Title really speaks for itself)
  • Last Titan standing (one life battle to the death)
  • Pilot hunt (get points for killing pilots only)

For the most part the match making is pretty spot on… I find that 9 out of 10 matches are “fair”…it is that one time where the other team absolutely dominates the other that will drive you up the wall.

tatan 1

For a Next Gen Game, the UI and menu system seems really last Gen.  The stats screen doesn’t really show you a ton, and to navigate between load outs, which you can’t rename, to burn cards just feels a bit old.  Not a huge deal really, but it is worth noting.


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