Torchlight 2 The Little Game That Could

Torchlight 2 The Little Game That Could

Torchlight 2 finally received a release date of September 20, 2012 so if you have been looking forward to this, it’s coming soon! Some say Torchlight 2 is what Diablo 3 should have been. Both in the same genre and both have their pros and cons. Though I have yet to have the chance to play Torchlight 2 as I wasn’t able to get in the beta, the reaction of the beta community was very positive. Following the beta Runic Games delayed the release date to polish and tweak their game using the feedback from the beta players. Now that is listening to your community!

If you ask someone who played the original Torchlight what it was all about they would most likely say it’s a fun and very cartoonish version of Diablo, and they wouldn’t be wrong. Both are adventure and quest oriented games, both have skill points that seem to be endless, and both are all about the loot. Torchlight 2 is said to be bigger and better that the first installment in every way. The main feature TL2 adds is 4 player co-op multiplayer, because who doesn’t like killing 1000′s of monsters with friends! Some gamers who were disappointed with Diablo 3 are now looking to Torchlight 2′s release. I enjoyed both Diablo 3 as well as the original Torchlight and see these as different games sharing a genre. What do you think? Will Torchlight 2 surpass Diablo 3 as the go to ARPG clickfest?

If you pre-order a copy  of Torchlight 2 on Steam you will get a free copy of  the original Torchlight (Like I did!)

Enjoy the Trailer!

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