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Watch_Dogs May Change How We See Open World Games

Watch_Dogs May Change How We See Open World Games


With the next generation of consoles on the horizon developers and player alike are wondering how we play and see games will change. What do we expect? What limitations will there be? How will these affect the game play? I for one cannot wait to see what is in store for us this November, weather you are getting a PS4 or and Xbox One! Yesterday Senior Producer of Ubisoft, Dominic Guay, unveiled to Xbox wire in an interview what they have planned for the next gen with their upcoming title “Watch_Dogs”. After reading what was said I am absolutely stoked for the Next Gen…and more importantly for Watch_Dogs!

Dominic Guay explains to xbox wire that they want to create a living breathing city for the players to explore. The goal Ubisoft set is to break out of the open world box by eliminating the very “robotic” A.I that we are all used to in N.P.Cs. “We really want to give “WATCH_DOGS” a serious tone; human dramas are a big deal for us. Video games tend to go very light on that type of subject, so we want to go deep. So if you cause a traffic light accident, we want to ask ourselves what is going to happen to the guy behind the driving wheel. We want to reach that level of detail.”, Dominic explains. The developers wanted Chicago to feel like a city of over 3 million people! With each and every person having their own personality and stories, all living their own lives. Each life can be explored and investigated by giving the players the ability to hack into anything! This means that every item should have a story behind it to make the hacking worthwhile. “Many of these stories will expose players to new opportunities that they can pursue on their own time. Real life has layers and depth, odd stories that intersect our lives. Stories that don’t always make sense… but can make us smile or cringe.” Lead story designer, Kevin Shortt, explains. Ubisoft is trying to make a world where the player feels the consequence of his or her actions, and this is defiantly the way to start!


Dominic goes on to explain the multiplayer in Watch_Dogs and how it will work. The multiplayer will be completely seamless while you are playing with your console online. While you are online you will be in “session” and there can be millions of these sessions going on at once. The servers will merge and unmerge the sessions. Players will go about their game as normal, and at some point be confronted by an event. If the player choses to accept the mission, they will invoke another player into their world and their objectives will change. Once the objective is completed by either of the players, the sessions will be unmerged so each player can go on with what they were doing…All the while never having to load or stop your game.


Watch_Dogs will be available on current Gen and next gen Consoles November 19th. I think it is safe to say we are all very excited to see the world Ubisoft has created! For the full story check out the Q&A here! Until then enjoy the 2013 E3 Trailer for Watch_Dogs!

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