What We’re Playing: June 1-3 Edition


It’s been a busy time here at NovaGamer, unfortunately not the good gaming type. Some of us have managed to get in some good play time, but some (me) only managed a little play time. Let’s take a look at what we have been playing!

Dave (djskizim) – Between moving, work, and a new puppy, I’ve only managed to squeeze in a little gaming this weekend. I picked up Bioshock Infinite from Best Buy for $30. So, if you don’t have it… Go buy it now!! I’m only an hour or so in but I can tell it’s going to be an epic ride! Other than that I’ve put some more time into Forza Horizon. With the announcement of Forza 5 coming to Xbox One as a launch it got me excited to play some Forza. Hope this week brings more game time!

Mark (@cybellin) – I’m in Africa again, so I’m probably roasting in the crazy African heat and getting some mobile games in!

Dan (@joker27th) – I’ve been crazy busy as of late, but I managed to get a little gaming in. I borrowed BioShock Infinite from Mark, but yet to play it, as I have been trying to get through the original BioShock. Mix that in with some NHL 13, and that pretty much wrapped up my weekend of gaming.

Ben (@BenEBremner) – I’ve just finished playing Sniper Elite: V2 and have now just started to play through Spec Ops: The Line (Which is AWESOME) on the PS3. Hope to have it done by the 14th, as I’ll be lining up to get a copy of “The Last of Us” as I know it’s gonna be the last great title I’ll get before the PS4 comes out.

Jon (@jonhawco) – Played me some WoW and Neverwinter this weekend, as I just got back from a sunny vacation in Florida.

Austin (junomrpb) – As you can see by the insane amount of Quick Reviews I have put up, I’ve been busy playing some of the latest indie titles that have come out in the last little while, and most I’ve been enjoying greatly! Don’t forget to check out all my reviews as of late and let me know what you think in the comments!

Well, there you have it. It’s been a busy bit for some of us at NovaGamer, but we still do manage to find some time to squeeze some gaming in. What have you been playing? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Austin June 7, 2013

    Animal Crossing this weekend.
    I might have to leave the house at some point, but that’s my plan.

  • Joey Sisco June 7, 2013

    We’ve all been busy it seems! Even myself, somewhat went into an “NG Read-Only” mode. I’ve literally read some articles in between customers, and when boring people speak at family gatherings. Time to get back into it, starting with this.

    I’ve been, REALLY into Borderlands. (The first one.) It’s a series I missed originally, and wanted to see what all the fuss was about so I finally got around to playing it. You know that moment where you have something AWESOME and you call out: “Where have you been all my life?” Yeah, it was a lot like that. And I’m playing the campaign, offline and solo. I can only imagine the blast I’d have with others. (Although I admit, having all the loot, and all the ammo, and all the guns for just me is, well, great.)

    After Borderlands I’ll be completing Assassin’s Creed for PS3 (the first one, again.) And after that I’m almost completely caught up with my backlog. I also recently bought the Command and Conquer Ultimate Pack. Which, at 19.99&, has all 17 C&C titles. After taxes here in NS, thats 1.35$ per game. Totally worth it.

    Hope you guys get some more game time in, as I hope to get some more comment time in. That being said, I’ve always said, that a absolute true hardcore gamer can be derived from passion and not actual play time. There are people out there who play games 10x what we do, but I can guarantee don’t love it or become as enthralled by it the way some of us do.

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