Xbox One Review!

Xbox One Review!

Hey Gamers,

It has been little over a week since the Xbox one has been released and I have to say I am very satisfied with my purchase so far. I was very skeptical about how well many of the features would work, because let’s face it; the original Kinect was not what it was promised to be!

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As soon as I opened the box I was blown away, my day one controller sitting right there for me to drool over, the Kinect camera, and the Xbox one itself. The system s honestly a lot bigger than I thought it would be…and until today when I passed through airport security I had no idea why. I managed to sneak a peak of huge X-ray as it passed by and the cooling fan on it is Massive! It literally takes up half the console. This is also surprising, because the Xbox one makes no noise…and I mean zero! When your games install from a disk you can hear a little noise, but other than that I forget it is even on.

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The UI and features work as advertised which is very surprising. I was the first to say that I didn’t think it would work out of the box or at all….and boy was I wrong! Once I got the console set up it worked the voice commands, the gestures, and the cable, everything just worked. The UI, which I thought looked like windows 8, actually works very well with a controller making it very easy to navigate. The Kinect recognizes me 9 times out of 10 and instantly logs me in to show me what my friends are doing. Speaking of instant, the Xbox one does in fact boot up faster than my TV, which is really convent. Finally the snap feature is exactly what a console gamer needs, you can snap anything to the right of your screen allowing you to watch Netflix or TV in between matches. I have noticed that if there is an excessive amount of back ground noise (mainly hunter freaking out because I turned off assassins creed) the voice commands do not always work the first time, mind you this is an extreme scenario as I doubt they tested it with a new born screaming in the back ground.

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The controller is better than I thought it would be, it is slightly smaller in design and just fits the hand perfectly. I can easily use it for hours without even noticing that I have held it for that period of time. The joy sticks are very precise and responsive allowing for better accuracy in the games. The impulse triggers add a new dimension to the rumble feature, which really adds to the depth of the game.

The gaming is what it is all about, I mean after all it is a gaming console. The “Xbox record that” feature is by far my favourite feature of the console. I can quickly record the last 30 seconds (can be set to up to 5 min) with that simple command. This makes recording epic fails, and epic wins very easy! It also lets you shame your friends with a Simple command…I had an epic clip of me sky diving out of a chopper raining death on the enemy team. As soon as I said record that I get stabbed in the he back by Cory, only to hear him yell “Xbox record that….bitch”, I have never laughed so hard. It also makes documenting glitches and exploits very easy and simple.

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The party system is quite easily the weakest link of the entire system. The party system of the 360 was amazing and simple; sadly the Xbox one party system is broken. I find that I have to try several times to get a party working, if I have 2 people singed into my system, I have to restart it and only have myself singed in. Then if I can join a party, I have to turn on office command….sometimes it works and others it doesn’t, meaning I have to restart again. Once I am finally in a party it works and is quite useful. As soon a party member joins a game I am alerted and am aloud to join their game with the click of a button.

Honestly, I wish they had kept the original DRM idea. Having to switch games that are clearly installed on my hard drive is very annoying…mainly because I am lazy. However it seems a few other functions were removed with the DRM. For example at the moment the Xbox one does not support an external USB device to watch movies, music, or TV shows. Yes I can upload it to my sky drive and stream it…but it is a pain to have to do every time. I know there is a fix in the works for it, but it is a feature that is surely missed. Another tiny flaw is the fact that I cannot see how much of my drive is actually used up…again a simple hot fix will clear this up, but it would be nice to know.

All in all I am overly satisfied with my Xbox one and cannot wait to explore all that the system has to offer, so look me up under Cybellin, and follow me to see what we are playing…and if we can get the party system working maybe we can even play a round!

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